Course Memo

Students will learn the following foundational math topics, in order to be successful in subsequent college courses: arithmetic of signed numbers, order of operations, simplifying algebraic expressions, solution of linear equations, and inequalities; rules of exponents, addition, subtraction, and multiplication of polynomials, factoring, solution of quadratic equations by factoring, and reducing inequalities; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of rational expressions, long division of polynomials, solution of fractional equations, and variations; negative and fractional exponents, radicals, solution of quadratic equations, and complex numbers; and Cartesian coordinates, graphs of linear equations and inequalities, distance formula, slope, equations of lines, solutions of systems of linear equations in two unknowns and inequalities. MAT095R is not taken for college credit, but it is prerequisite for many subsequent college courses at Eureka College. The goal is that students who pass MAT095R have the foundational math skills needed to succeed in any major. MAT095R counts toward financial aid and eligibility for extra and co-curricular activities. Graded Pass/Fail.