Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

Prerequisites: ENG120 and ENG125. For writing students, this course is meant to be the capstone to your experience as a writing student at Eureka College. When you leave this course, you should be producing publication-quality writing, and you should have a healthy critical perspective on your work as it fits into contemporary publishing. You'll demonstrate the quality of your writing by turning it in for workshop, and you'll demonstrate your critical perspective through a variety of exercises and writings. In particular, we'll keep an eye on what writers say about writing. As we workshop our pieces, we'll talk about how the writers inform our writing. Keep this in mind as you read the three core texts. For literature students, this course is meant to be a culmination of your work as a scholar in the field of English. We will be looking at creative works and theoretical/critical texts, applying them to the works of both established authors and your classmates. This course should prepare you for pursuing your own scholarship in the field of English, conceptualizing and contextualizing your projects within the larger body of scholarship.