Course Memo

Prerequisite: At least three years of instrument instruction or instructor permission. The Chamber Ensemble is open to students who play any instrument – strings, winds, brass, percussion, piano, non-orchestral instruments, and beyond. Because of this flexible instrumentation, repertoire is determined by the instruments in the group each semester. Many pieces will be arranged by the instructor and/or ensemble members, while others will be contemporary or early music with flexible instrumentation, improvisatory pieces, and folk music harmonized by ear. Some pieces will involve duets, trios, and quartets from within the ensemble. Students may come with varying levels of technical skill, but should have had at least three years instruction or instructor permission. Graded pass/fail. May be repeated. May be taken for 0 credit (MUS084) or 1 credit (MUS284). Scheduled based on availability, 2.5 hours a week.