Course Memo

Prerequisite: None. Introduction to Career Development is designed to increase the likelihood that individuals will successfully navigate challenges involved in career choice and development. It is also offered for individuals with a personal interest in career planning and management. In addition to meeting the desired learning objectives, this course encourages the learning and development of essential employability skills obtained through academic course work, experiential learning opportunities, extra-curricular leadership opportunities, GPEAK badging program, development of the EC 10 Essentials, on and off campus employment, personal life experience, etc. These skills will be used to obtain and keep a job once a choice has been made. The overall goal is for students to learn about and develop the necessary skills to assist themselves or others in life/career planning. The course can be taken for 1 to 3 credits. Students in the first 5 weeks who complete unit 1 will earn 1 credit, 10 weeks 2 credits, and 15 weeks 3 credits. Enrollment in credits cannot be changed after the 5th day of the semester.

Course Section Description

1st 5 weeks