Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

Prerequisite: ENG103W. (Offered every year). Much of film history revolves around urban production and exhibition, often neglecting the films produced in, featuring, and exhibited in rural spaces. This class understands rurality broadly as non-urban spaces: small towns/villages (<50,000 pop.); unincorporated spaces; tribal lands and communities; farms/ranches/other sites of agriculture; and natural areas/wilderness. This course explores the concept of rurality in film and media through the lenses of historic and contemporary representations of rurality, the history of film production and exhibition in rural areas, and the discourse of rurality, wilderness, and agriculture in dominant popular cultures. Through guided, group, and independent research, students will engage civically by contributing to the Rural Film Project, an online digital history project that aims to document and contextualize the underexamined production and exhibition of film in the rural American Midwest and beyond. Cross-listed as ECC212. Justice and Civic Responsibility Capability course.