Course Memo

Prerequisite: None. An introduction to Eureka College and the liberal arts, this course is designed to assist students in making a successful transition to the College, lay the foundation for liberal arts study, and develop skills to ensure academic success. The course includes a group service learning project which students complete during the semester. Should be taken during the first semester of enrollment. Justice and Civic Responsibility Capability course.

Course Section Description

Environmental Justice: The study of environmental justice is largely the study of environmental inequality. Environmental inequality refers to the uneven distribution of environmental burdens (such as being exposed to toxins) and benefits (like access to clean air) across space and time. This class will examine how space and place affects human and environmental well-being. We will also investigate your own relationship to the natural world. By taking this course you will develop a critical understanding of what constitutes environmental privilege and oppression by examining the historical roots of current, persistent, environmental inequalities across the globe. What are the historical roots of environmental inequality? Is social justice essential to, or at odds with efforts to build a sustainable world? Additionally, we will investigate these issues through a personal lens. What are your attitudes towards the natural world and your place in it? How do these attitudes impact your everyday life? To answer these and other questions we’ll work together to read texts, discuss, listen to the expertise of those working in sustainable agriculture and conservation, get out in the field and explore, and undertake a group service project.