Course Memo

Prerequisite: Member of Academic Honors Program. An introduction to Eureka College and the liberal arts, this course is designed to assist students in making a successful transition to the College, lay the foundation for liberal arts study, and develop skills to ensure academic success. The course includes a group service learning project which students complete during the semester. Should be taken during the first semester of enrollment. Justice and Civic Responsibility Capability course.

Course Section Description

American Dreams and Disillusions: This course will examine problems that are endemic to two different parts of America – one that is rural and predominantly white (Hillbilly Elegies) and the other that is urban and predominantly black (No Way Out) – and how the people of those communities are effected by and deal with the challenges they face. The course is intended to increase awareness of the adversities of different groups in America and to curb the divisiveness and polarization that has been plaguing this country of late. For this class students will visit a local shelter where they will shadow an employee of the shelter. For the service project, half the students will be assigned to a rurally situated shelter, e.g. Woodford Country Heartline and Hearthouse (Eureka), with the other half assigned to an urban shelter, e.g. Peoria Rescue Ministries.