Course Memo

Prerequisite: None. (Offered every semester). Communication is of paramount importance to modern students. With the advent of contemporary media such as the Internet, social networks, podcasting, and Zoom, the landscape of modern communication looks quite different than it did for past generations of Eureka College students. Moreover, today’s students are expected to be familiar with and have critical dexterity using modern media platforms. Indeed, modern communicators must be responsive to diverse, and often difficult to navigate, rhetorical situations. Accordingly, this course is designed to both introduce students to the communicative power of modern media and, too, to equip them with the practical skills necessary to succeed as modern communicators in various contexts—interpersonal, mediated, and persuasive. Students will compose and deliver three major communication projects—a podcast, an information analysis, and a group persuasive campaign. Likewise, students will respond to multiple case studies in class focused on issues facing modern communicators, as well as critically analyze examples of both productive and unproductive instances of modern communication. Communication Capability course.